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Delicate Inkwork, Neo Traditional, Pointillism, Full Color, Anime, Glitter, Single Line, Abstract, Illustration, Art Nuevo, Mondrian Architecture, Surrealism, New School


Whether the medium is painting, drawing, sewing, photography, or a media she hasn’t tried yet... Madison will always make a way to bring her visions to reality. Fine Artist turned tattooist Madison is ready to expand her art knowledge to see what the tattoo world has in store for her.

In school, Madison’s teachers adored her bubbly personality and genuine desire to create. In 2018 Madison graduated from Washtenaw Community College with and associates in Fine arts with a focus primarily on portrait painting and figure drawing. Madison has a contemporary art style style, and draws inspirations from many things in everyday life such as; bold colors, fashion, anime, avant garde, Halloween, roller skating and music just to name a few.

With all her flesh art, Madison strives to create work that’s fun, bold and allows individuals to express themselves.


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